Another person quits at Barnsley Hospital!

Another person quits at Barnsley Hospital!

This March quitter Jenny* is preparing to celebrate becoming 1 YEAR smoke-free at the end of the month! We’re incredibly pleased to hear such good news.

For years Jenny had been a heavy smoker. This fact especially stood out to her when she realised how much money she has managed to save just by cutting out the habit. Jenny has added over a whopping £3,000 in her bank account since she stopped smoking last year.

Jenny has suffered from asthma since being a young girl and over time as she smoked she could tell it was negatively affecting her breathing problems.

Every few months she was diagnosed with chest infections as her body reacted to the addictive habit. Eventually she got to a point where enough was enough.

The quitter told us “I knew I needed to stop before I did damage that wouldn’t reverse.”

After attempting to quit twice on her own, Jenny joined Yorkshire Smokefree and opted to visit a stop smoking adviser in Barnsley Hospital.

Her adviser Paula kept track of her quit progress and encouraged Jenny to always think of the next achievement she would hit to stay motivated. Yorkshire Smokefree informed Jenny about all of her options of how to quit smoking for good, as well as how to tackle tough cravings.

“Paula my advisor was very supportive and knowledgeable. She was very encouraging which helped me feel better each week.”

Since she has quit Jenny tells us her health has dramatically improved. We are pleased to report that her asthma has improved greatly and she doesn’t need the use of her inhaler anywhere near as regularly.

Well done on becoming smoke-free Jenny - enjoy your smoke-free anniversary soon!

If you want to quit smoking with the support of the Barnsley Smokefree team and would like to find a clinic near you then visit or contact us on 0800 612 0011 (free from landlines).

*Please note that the name of this quitter has been changed.

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