Quit after 30 years of smoking.

Quit after 30 years of smoking.

“I never thought I would call myself a non-smoker after a 30 year addiction.”

Andrea has been wanting to stop smoking for several years. At the time she first started thinking about it, her then partner wanted to continue to smoke, and the thought passed Andrea by.

However the idea never quite left her, and after suffering from severe breathing problems Andrea decided to cut the habit successfully. She is now proud to say she is smoke-free!

Andrea decided to make the change 2 years ago. She started to have breathing problems and developed a cough so bad that she bust one of her ribs. She was prescribed an inhaler to help her out, but was still kept awake at night from the pain.

The quitter visited our Barnsley Smokefree shop for some extra support, and was over the moon with the convenience of the service. She told us: “They were very understanding of the habit and addiction. The experiences of the staff are passed on to you to help you with your own quit.”

The hardest part of her quit was not having a cigarette with a cup of tea when she got home from work. However she replaced this with a piece of fruit instead - a much healthier option!

Andrea told us she was amazed at how much money it was costing her to smoke now she had quit - “I was spending enough money to buy a new car!”

Since quitting Andrea has made even more personal choices to improve her health. She battled her way through tobacco cravings by concentrating on exercising and a new diet with the support of her work friends. She is happy to report she is not only smoke-free, but now runs 3 times a week and has lost weight!

The benefits of being a quitter keep adding up for Andrea. She is financially secure, doesn’t have to worry about not being able to smoke on a plane journey and her house no longer smells of cigarettes. She told us she also loves no longer feeling compelled to go stand in the rain to sustain the habit!

Her advice? “Stick with it.”

You certainly did Andrea, and we’re extremely proud of your efforts! Congratulations and enjoy your new smoke-free status.

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