Robert kicks the habit into touch after 35 years of smoking.

Robert kicks the habit into touch after 35 years of smoking.

For the past 35 years Robert has felt like his life revolved around smoking. As the only member of his family and friends with the addiction, most people were encouraging him to stop. However, as he was used to having the habit in his life Robert resisted for a long time. 

After seeing a group of smokers lined up outside a nearby building he decided on his own that he wanted to break away from the habit. Robert suffers from asthma and realised that he needed to quit to improve his breathing as well as his overall health. He felt that smoking was a drain on his wallet and wanted to live a better lifestyle.

Robert attempted to quit multiple times on his own but always ended up relapsing. As no one else in his group of friends had been through a quit themselves, he had no one else to talk to about it.

He decided to get some help to aid him in his quit and came to Barnsley Hospital for some advice. Our stop smoking team located there had a chat with him about the services they could offer and how he would be supported in his next quit.

Robert told us he felt welcome and supported, so decided to opt for our stop smoking course. Our Barnsley Smokefree team from then on checked on his progress regularly, giving him advice on what difficulties came up over the weeks.

Robert told us:

“Nothing seemed to be too little for them to discuss and help me to achieve my goal.”

The quitter managed to stop straight away and hasn’t touched a cigarette since!

Even after the course Robert is a welcome face to come drop in to see us or call whenever he needs a little support.

We’re really pleased to hear that he is grateful for our help in his quit journey - we just knew you could do it, Robert! Well done on being 6 months smoke-free; it won’t seem like long until you reach a year!

If you want to quit smoking with the support of the Barnsley Smokefree team and would like to find a clinic near you then visit or contact us on 0800 612 0011 (free from landlines).

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