Yorkshire Smokefree shows support for ‘smoke-free generation’

Yorkshire Smokefree, is supporting an initiative in Barnsley which aims to promote a ‘smoke-free generation’ in the borough.

Yorkshire Smokefree in Barnsley, along with other local organisations, came together at an event hosted by Barnsley Council’s public health service to share their views on what they can do to reduce the effects of smoking in the area.

At the event, Yorkshire Smokefree promoted the ways in which they can help smokers in the area to kick the habit. Their innovative new service offer provides support and advice on the phone, in person, and online, and allows people to ‘pick and mix’ their support to increase their chances of successfully quitting.

The service also pledged their commitment to the Barnsley Smoke-free Tobacco Control Alliance – a group of local partners who meet regularly to address all aspects of smoking-related issues, such as litter and illicit tobacco. At their meetings, teams provide each other with updates, discuss how they can move forward, and find ways to work together to improve the health of local people.

Zoe Styring, service manager of Yorkshire Smokefree in Barnsley, said: “It’s very important for us to be involved in local initiatives like this which benefit the people of Barnsley. Yorkshire Smokefree has already helped thousands of people across the region quit smoking, and by raising awareness and working with our partners, we can ensure that even more people manage to quit for good.”

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