61 year old smoker ER sought the help of our Barnsley stop-smoking team in a bid to quit the cigs once and for all. 

Here she shares her experience of the service and how it feels to call herself a non-smoker...

Q: What made you decide to join Yorkshire Smokefree?

A: I really wanted to quit smoking and I thought this was the only way for me to succeed.


Q: Tell us about your experience of the health issues that meant you needed our services

A: I was coughing and wheezing a lot. I was waking up coughing and was finding it increasingly hard to walk without feeling out of breath.


Q: How has this affected your life?

A: Smoking was starting to make my life difficult with all the various negative health conditions. I hardly ever left the house.


Q: What was the reaction of the Yorkshire Smokefree team to your situation?

A: They have been very supportive, both face to face and via text messages.


Q: What have the Yorkshire Smokefree team done for you? 

A: They have been fantastic at giving ongoing advice and support.


Q: What were the most positive changes you made to your lifestyle?

A: Definitely feeling more energised. 


Q: What did you find most difficult about quitting?

A: The cravings. When I craved a cigarette I did some knitting instead! Knitting kept me focussed.


Q: What benefits have you had since stopping smoking?

A: My breathing has certainly become easier and I find I can now walk further without feeling out of breath. I'm also at least £40 per week better off financially.


Congratulations on your successful quit, ER. Julia and the wider team are all incredibly proud of you! 


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