My Name is Fredrick. I have been smoking for 66 years.
In August, I was admitted to the hospital with breathing problems; doctors diagnosed me with emphysema and advised me to quit smoking.
When I was in the hospital, Quick Team reached out to me and provided me patches and inhalators for my quit. They also gave me the number of Doncaster Stop Smoking Service. My first appointment was at Scot Lane Doncaster; I saw advisor Wioletta; she explained all the products and showed me how to use them to support my quit.
I have terrible mobility, and I was not able to get my products from the pharmacy. Each week, my advisor calls me and issues me e-vouchers, and then she collects them from the pharmacy. Advisor Wioletta also delivered my patches each week when she was at the community Balby Hub clinic.
We chatted at my home, and she encouraged me to be smoke-free.
In week four, she gave me my certificate, which motivated me.
I have been smoking for many years, quit nearly eight weeks ago, and use patches from Stop Smoking Service and my vape. I have noticed that my breathing has improved, and my blood pressure is much better.
My advice for all smokers is that it is never too late to quit. Support from Doncaster Stop Smoking Service is excellent, and products are working.  
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