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SKF Lo Chemist Lundwood

Lundwood Medical Centre, Littleowrth Lane, Lundwood, Barnsley, S71 5PN

Please call 01226 240 893 for details

Weldricks Pharmacy GOLDTHORPE

26-28 Barnsley Road, Goldthorpe, Rotherham, S63 9NF

Please call 01709 893 047 for details

Darfield Garland House

Garland House, 1 Church Street, Darfield, S73 9LG

Thursday 1.00pm - 4.30pm

To book an appointment please call: 01226 644364, Opt 2.


Weldricks Pharmacy THURNSCOE

The Thurnscoe Centre, Holly Bush Drive, Thurnscoe, Rotherham, S63 0LT

Please call 01709 893387 for details

St George's Medical Centre

The Roundhouse Medical Centre, Wakefield Road, Barnsley, S71 1RY

Please call 01226 720207 for details

BHF Highgate Surgery

Acorn Way, Grimethorpe, Barnsley, S72 7NZ

Please call 01226 707 414 for details

Brierly Medical Centre

Church Drive, Brierley, Barnsley, S72 9HZ

Please call 01226 711 278 for details

Kingswell Surgery Penistone

40 Shrewsbury Road, Penistone, Sheffield, S36 6DY

Please call 01226 765 300 for details

Penistone Group Practice

19 High Street, Penistone, Sheffield, S36 6BR

Please call 01226 762 424 for details

Wombwell GMS Chapelfield Medical Centre

Mayflower Way, Wombwell, Barnsley, S73 0AJ

Please call 01226 752 361 for details

Wombwell Medical Centre

Wombwell Medical Centre, George Street, Wombwell, Barnsley, S73 0DD

Please call 01226 752 470 for details.

Ashville Medical Centre PMS Practice

Oaks Park Primary Care Centre, Thornton Road, Kendray, Barnsley, S70 3NE

Please call 01226 216 000 for appointment details.

The Dove Valley PMS Practice

Worsbrough Health Centre, Powell Street, Worsbrough, Barnsley, S70 5NZ

Please call 01226 648 150 for details

The Kakoty Practice

170 Sheffield Road, Barnsley, S70 4NW

Please call 0345 122 0809 for details

Victoria Medical Centre

7 Victoria Crescent West, Barnsley, S75 2AE

Please call 01226 282 535 for details

Cudworth Health Centre

Cudworth Health Centre, Carlton Street, Barnsley, S72 8SU


9.00am - 4.30pm

To book an appointment please call: 01226 644364, Opt 2.

The Hoyland Centre Building

The Hoyland Centre, Milton Road, Hoyland, S74 9AB


9am - 4.30pm

To book an appointment please call; 01226 644364, Opt 2.

Telephone Clinic

Kendray Hospital, Kendray, Barnsley, S70 3RD

Clinic Times

Monday - Friday

Various Times available 

To book an appointment please call 01226 644364, Opt 2.  

Goldthorpe Green Medical Centre

Goldthorpe green, Goldthorpe, Goldthorpe, S63 9EH


9.00 - 4.00pm

To book an appointment please call: 01226 644364, Opt 2.

The Thurnscoe Centre

Holly Bush Drive, Station Rd, Thurnscoe, S63 0JR


9am - 4pm

To book an appointment please call: 01226 644364, Option 2.

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