Barnsley woman stops smoking in south yorkshire case study quit cigarettes

Angela was given the devastating news that she only had five years left to live if she continued her 20+ cigarettes a day habit. Now, 7 years later, Angela has got a new lease of life thanks to quitting smoking. We spoke with her following receiving support from her local Yorkshire Smokefree cessation clinic.


I started smoking at 15 because everyone else was doing it. I continued to smoke around 30 cigarettes a day for 33 years but then after receiving the news from my doctor that if I continued to smoke the amount I was then I’d be dead in five years, I was devastated and vowed to stop. It was so shocking to hear, especially when my son was only 5 years old at the time.

I received one-to-one support at my local Yorkshire Smokefree clinic plus swapped the tobacco for e-cigarettes and nicotine replacement patches. When I smoked heavily, I often struggled to catch my breath but now I can walk up the steep hill on my road without feeling breathless!

The most surprising things since stopping smoking is that I have a better sense of smell and food tastes better than ever; my partner has noticed I’m not in a bad mood as much anymore! But my favourite thing about not smoking is the money I’ve saved; we’ve already decorated the living room and have plans to re-do the whole house!



If you feel inspired by Angela's story and would like support in quitting smoking, register for a call back at:

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