Barbara Wilkinson-Main

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Barbara didn't believe she could ever stop smoking after 32 years but her stopping drinking helped her as they would come hand in hand. Now she has made it to 1 year smokefree and feels great!

  1. What was your reason for accessing the service?

The reason for accessing the service was because on the 26th October 2021 I went into rehab for alcohol for two weeks , whilst there we can not smoke inside or out with it being NHS building so I used patches and a disposable vape . While I was there I noticed I didn't need to use my reliever inhaler for my asthma as often as I usually do, and my cough wasn't as bad so on my discharge I decided I would continue with the patches and vape . 

2. Did you believe you could achieve quitting smoking?

In the past having smoked for 32 years I never dreamed I would ever stop smoking . I wasn't going to try because it was the only "crutch" I had for my anxiety and mental illness . 

3. Was there anything that helped you with your stop smoking journey?

Not drinking helped with the not smoking too because sometimes they come hand in hand . 

4. Is there anything you have achieved since quitting smoking?

Now it's over a year since I smoked and I no longer need my reliever inhaler . I don't have that awful cough anymore and it's saved me a lot of money which I save to reward myself .