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After years of struggling with a persistent cough, wheezing, and the fear of developing lung cancer, I decided it was time to quit smoking. 10 years ago I attempted to quit with my GP's help, only to relapse during a holiday where cigarettes were cheap. This time, I was determined and ready to quit for good.

Using nicotine patches as a stop smoking aid, I found them helpful in managing cravings during the process. Aside from medication, what really kept me smoke free was witnessing others smoking and realising the harm it caused. I constantly reminded myself that I didn't want to go back to damaging my health.

The one-to-one support I received from Emma at Yorkshire Smokefree was invaluable. She encouraged and listened without judgment, making me feel confident in my ability to quit. I never doubted myself, and I made sure to express this to Emma during our conversations.

Becoming an non-smoker has brought significantly improved my health. My breathing is better, and the fear of chest infections has vanished. Additionally, I've noticed improved circulation, as my feet and ankles no longer feel constantly cold. Beyond health, I've achieved the milestone of visiting the dentist and addressing dental issues caused by smoking, using the money saved from not buying cigarettes. 

Reflecting on my journey, I would encourage others to seek support from Yorkshire Smokefree. The benefits of quitting are tremendous - from regaining a sense of cleanliness to investing in self-improvement. As I move forward, I can confidently say, "Go to the service, quit smoking, and you'll never need to step outside for a cigarette again. Your circulation will improve, and you'll go back to feeling alright."